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About Us Welcome to Euthica Unggul Abadi
PT EUTHICA UNGGUL ABADI, a completely new transformation from our old company name, PT EUTHICA UNGGUL JAYA, established in 2009. We are global leader in the sourcing, quality assurance, marketing and distribution of pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, industrial chemical and food ingredients. With a business operation located at Jakarta, the heart of Indonesia, we distribute over 200 pharmaceuticals, food additives and chemicals used principally as raw materials to hundreds of pharmaceutical formulating companies, food industries and other general chemical consumers spreading over Indonesia. Though our company is still an early bird, we have dynamic staffs who are distinctive in our industry and enable our worldwide sourcing and marketing capabilities. We source approximately 60% of our products from Asia, buying from companies in China and India. Importantly, beyond traditional distribution, we add value for our customers and suppliers in terms of product development, providing access to new markets, plant audits, regulatory support, and logistics.
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